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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Aku tetap aku,.

Hum..tajuk kemain lg kan..actually aku pon taktau pe aku nak citer..cume tibe2 aku ase down lak skrg ni..nak dekat final exam nie fikiran aku mmg bercelaru..tp aku taktau nape aku takboleh berhenti dr melupakan die..wani,asal ko tak tinggalkan je sume ni???menyusahkan hidup kau je tau tak..hum..aku tak boleh la..sbb aku yg cari bala dulu,skrg aku la kena tanggung sumenye..bodohkan aku?secara tak langsung aku dah memperjudikan masa depan aku sendiri..oh my..what the hell i am doing rite now..God,please bring me back to the right way..hum..sumtimes i wonder..betul ke segala cinta dan kasih syg ni?ikhlas ke?atau sekadar satu permainan..babe,i'm certainly not a toy to be played..i'm a girl with so much love given by parents,a really2 spoil girl..till now i don't know how to tie a ribbon,cause all this while my mother tied it for me..and still,my mother was the one who pack my things each time i gonna back to my college,clean all my clothes,cooks all my favourite dishes,buy everything that i want...and even she was the one who do things for me,EVERYTHING..that is me,looks like a really spoiled girl rite?but then,instead of all that,actually i am a very determined person..why i said that? bcoz once i want sumthing,i will try to get it no matter what..and when i'm not get it,i'll get frustated and cry like bloody hell..oh my,such a terrible person am i? i wonder who's gonna marry kind of girl like me..sometimes i'm annoying..yeah its true babeyh,coz i sumtimes don't care about others feeling to get what i want..and maybe,that make me more and more becoming a sensitive person,..i cry over a simple things,even when my friend left me alone for a day..and when terrible things come up,i started to loose myself..sitting on a chair,cry,cry and cry..ouh what a week girl i am..

Love is a messy thing actually..ruining my life silently..it's like a parasit,like a platyhelminthes in my intestine..small,tiny living things but can damaged my body if there are many of it..ouh mentang2 nak exam ye wani,pletyhelminthes pun termasuk skali dalam blog kau..huhu..i don't know,i don't know why i'm dealing with all this stupid things..yeah maybe its some kind of mistake,i took the wrong road in my journey of life..n i get stuck,sick of all this messy silly things..but i can't lie to myself..how i need that person in my life..after all the things happened between us..

Ouhh my..go away this feeling..please don't interrupt me now.. :-(
Dear God..the only thing i ask of u is to hold me when i'm much too far away..keep me safe in ur guard and protect my IMAN like the way You protect me all this while..give me Your HIDAYAH..so that i can be nearer to You not only when i'm in trouble.. :-(

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