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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hope begins to fade...

Dear Allah,please help me..please Ya Allah..take me to the right way..before it is too late..oh mum,oh dad,i wanna cry..i feel so sad right now..this feeling is killing me slowly..i don't know who i am right now..
Hum..why u do this to me? U r supposed to support me..give me strength..be with me whenever i need u..boost my spirit..but instead,u r trying to ruin my life..u r playing with my feeling..its hurt dear..u can't see the pain in me,but deep inside my heart,i'm so hurt..u r not the person who i know last year..the nice n helpful person..the one who always try to make me happy..fulfill all my wishes..always be with me no matter in what condition..and the most important thing,never ever do bad things to me..but now u r becoming worst and worst..i nearly don't know who u r rite know..is it true that people will change across time??is time change people?or time fade the love away..oh my..crazy crazy crazy..but still,i am the old me..hum i don't know if my feeling towards u is gonna change..but i can't lie to myself,that i still love u..hum..10 Mei 2011,our first anniversary..will we stayed together till that and till forever? I wonder dear..can we face all this? Only fate will determine it..

I hope u change urself..there is always a room for improvement..there is always time to repent..to return to Allah S.W.T..u r not a bad guy,not at all..it just u have to look deeper into urself..and find the missing part..don't ruin ur life..u r supposed to be an example for your sister,n make ur parents proud..

Allah is always there with us..don't let the hope begins to fade..instead,bring back the hope so that fate will suit us..its not easy to turn a new leaf..but as long as we try,there is nothing impossible..

*wahh,i can write in English! ( a little bit proud of myself..hee )

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