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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Grown up,girl !

Being a teenager is not as easy as being a kids. It's a lot more complicated than being a kids. We have to think outside the box. We have to make many decision. N once we choose the wrong way,there is no turning back. Yeah that's life. Far n far away ahead,we will go through certain conditions which may bring tears or joy in our life. No matter by what way,by hook or by crook,we have to climb the stairs of life. We can look down,but we must be careful,cause we don't wanna fall down n climb again,rite? In case we fall,we must not give up. Cause there will always be a way to climb back. Why? Because we have ALLAH. He will always there to help us. Even we had done so many mistakes in our life,but He will never left us alone.

When i look back throughout my life, oh my. So many mistakes i've done. But Allah never failed me. That's make me think. Is He love me or hate me coz i heard a hadis said that 'ALLAH test us coz He loves us'. Nevermind,let's put that things aside. Now i wanna write about how life turns colourful n all of a sudden,it can turns dark. Just because of a little mistake. Yeah i've experienced that. A lot. N i hate it when the devil in me controls me. Why i can't fight it well. Why i can't make the right decision each time i had to. N now i think i'm losing myself. I'm losing the 'baik' part in me. Slowly,i started to lose the control. I can't study well. I can't study consistently. Why,why n why?? Is it because of the mistakes I've done? Please God,help me. The final exam is just around the corner. No not around the corner anymore,but just in front of me. Tomorrow is my final exam. But,huh. Look at me. Messy. There's a lot more to study but i'm still playing the stupid FB n doing a lot of unbeneficial things.

Grown up Wani ! Wake up from ur sleep. This is the time. Which will determine ur future. Yeah this final exam. Ya Allah,how i wish i can turn back time n fix every mistakes i've done. :-(

Ok. Pens off.

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