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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Don't Know What to Do.. Huhuhu

Oh my,seriously i'm so bored here.. What kind of study week this college held huh? Asking students to be at 'bangunan akademik' wihout any excuses and cannot be at dorm at all. Urrgghh.. I can't study here lahh. It's so hot,so uncondusive,and what i can do is just online online online..damn huh..i really need my room rite now..i wanna do maths..but i can't do it here..HOT lahh..grr..so bored..i look at my handset,and send a msg to him..( well,too bored maybe )..nahh,he was just wake up from his sleep at that time and not get shower yet..oo mentang2 kelas kol 10 ye..huhu..then msj 4 a while,and then stop coz he has class at that time. Ouh my,bored again. Bored,bored and bored. Then i look around,wow,peoples are studying. With a 'tensen' face,with a lots of books in front of them.. While me?? Sitting in front of the laptop,online fb,blogging,chatting..hah..what a boring day..huhu..haish,study lah wani study lah..but the devil inside me said that, xpyah study lah wani,kau dah pandai dah. haha.. berlagak giler. padahal bengong tahap tak ingat.. Grr. Messy messy messy. Kinda miss Aidil rite now. And kinda miss him too.

Wani,choose. Live well or live hell? Nahh,i choose to live well but things are easier to be said then to be done. Oh my,i miss my school time. Seriously. Huhu. Miss my old friends. Miss my teachers. Miss the school surroundings.

I wish i could turn back time and change what i should not done..sigh...
But its ok..let fate fares me well... :-)

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