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Thursday, June 16, 2011

the beginner of adult life...

assalamualaikum everybody...
long time no update..quite busy rite now..
yeahh juz wanna share wif u oll i got a call from MARA a few days ago..
n guess what..that MARA offered me medical course..twinning program UKM-UNPAD..
UNPAD? wth is that huh? UNPAD stands for Universitas Padjadjaran..at BANDUNG..
aiya...actually maa..i'm confused..coz medic is not my choice..i know my capability n i don't think i'l be able to gone through medic course..it's though..very2 though..
but my parents want me to go to the interview that will be held next monday n tuesday...
they said..try kaklong..
i know my chances.. it must be really hard to be accepted..
with all the procedure..the interview must be so hard for me..
n the worst,its fully in BI.....
there goes my chance.....surely i can't speak fluently in front of THEM,...
not mentioning bout the 'nervous' illness yet..
ouh God..give me strength..a lot of strength..
'xpe la kaklong,try je. xdapat xpe.'

okey la okey laa. try je kan. sure tak dapat laa. xpe2.
don't dreams too high n don't be too pasive..rite?
so here there goes..
wait 4 me yaaa HUKM..i will go there with errr... a lot of hopes??? nope..
with confident... but not over-confident...

okey., end of that story,
actually i wanna write bout something but i'm not in the mood.



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