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Sunday, June 26, 2011

when she walk away

at first when u saw her
ur heart beat faster
u saw her smiling
n u passed by her

till then u keep remembering her
u feel sumthing
u try to know her

all of a sudden she became ur friend
everyday u talk to her
n she makes u happy
she light up ur day

one day u told her
that u love her
she was just smiling
n she gave her heart to u
without any doubt

day by day passed
u see her
eat together
watch movies together
holding her hand
saying how much u love her

no day passes without you and her
she became ur life
she was all there
stay behind u
became ur backbone

she was there by the time u sad
she wiped all ur tears 
she was there to make u happy
she hear all ur problems
boost ur spirit while u r down
and became a good partner for u

but time keeps running
changing both u and her
and when she started to lose herself..
u started to blame her
for all reasons

n slowly she became too far from u
she was upset but u never know
she was touched by ur words but u never care
she needs u but u never there
she was all there with u but u never realise
n she loves u so much but u never know

until one day she walk away
from ur life
for ever

by that time u will know
how much she meant for u
n how much
u love her

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