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Friday, July 8, 2011

Mugkin ini ujian dr ALLAH utk menyedarkan saya


Looking for happiness. But it is too far away. Waiting for it. But it never come. The past is the past. And those time will never come back. I realise that. But my heart is too weak to overcome the fear. The fear of losing peoples around me. The fear of losing YOU.

Sometimes i hope this all is just a dream. A long dream. So that when i wake up its all gone. But it's not. When i woke up every morning,day by day passes away.  And how disappointed i am. I tried to smile in front of aidil and irah, Try to act like normal. But the pain inside me is killing me softly.

It is too pain Ya Allah. Page by page i read Your Kalam. Each time after my solat. It heals me. But only for a while. Then the pain comes back.

15 July 2011. Hope u saves me Ya Allah.

Hope u give me a second chance. Hope u give me another time.

So that i will not waste my life for nothing.

Nobody know. And yet,nobody cares.

Smiling outside but crying inside. :')

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