Seorang Pelatih Dalam Kamar (PDK)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

10 facts about me..

1. I hate spicy f0ods. I hate traditional f0ods like tempoyak,belacan,ulam,n 0ther weird f0ods.

2. Once I want s0mething,i will try t0 get it n0 matter what.

3. I'm a bit queen c0ntrolled. ( p0or my bf but i l0ve y0u dear )

4. I l0ve pink s0 muchh!

5. I like baby.

6. I'm a very lazy person.

7. I never stay single since 2008..haha

8. Like cute things. 

9. Love to eat Mee Sedap. Wth? Hee.

10. Easy to fall in l0ve but hard t0 forget. =)

NuRuL AzaWani Bt KaMaRuDzAmAn

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