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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Being Left.

Not being able to sleep and to eat are just the basics. 
Falling asleep and wakes up with nothing are hell too. 
Because you can’t figure out how you and the person you love are to become strangers. 

You can’t even talk about this to other people, as they might speak bad about him. 
So, you cry alone.
 It is ended instead, you and him has been broke up, but only the memories of love come to your mind every single minutes. 
But the more you do that, the longer it takes to erase those memories. 

So, to a person who has been left, 365 days afterwards are spent in the process of breaking up. 
But the thing that really hurts is the other person doesn’t seem to be thinking of you. 
It feels like it is just you that can’t let go. 
That person seems to have forgotten all about you and is just happy.
 All you want to do is die,  but you can’t die either. 
Because if u die, you might never see that person again.
 It is hurt like hell, when the person you loves so much, turns out to be your greatest enemy.  

# this is, the feeling when you've been left. taken from a Korean drama, Secret Garden.

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