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Saturday, November 24, 2012

budak law berlagak?

the stereotype answer i would get if anyone asked me which faculty i am studying is "wah, budak law, budak pandai r ni". the most common words they shared were the "wahhhh". I wonder what's so special about LAW student.

last week, when I was in my co-curriculum class which is Human Mind Management, a student asked me the same question, and as usual, I answered I am from the law faculty. And she was saying that "WAHHH, budak pandai." and then she asked me my SPM result. I answered her, "7A". and she was like "pehh, 7A?? weh spm dia 7A kottt. kitorg ni 2A pun xlepas", she was saying that while telling her other friend. I was like, what the??

the same day, while I was reading the news feed in my facebook, I came across my friend status, which obviously referring to law student. She said the law student in her co-curricular class was too snobby, berlagak and whatsoever. I comment on her status "wehhh aku terasaaa. T_T". and then she called me, telling her story, tells me what happened in her class back then. I was shocked, did law student really did what she said? 

so i wanna jump into my conclusion, please don't regard all law students were the same. because not all of us were like that.

anyway, final exam is just around the corner. memang lah kan aku ni dah 'bersedia'. haih, banyak giler lagi nak kena baca. rasa macam nak pecah kepala bila fikir banyak gilerrrrrr kes nak kena hafal. tu belum masuk statute lagi. memang kena work all out lah lepas ni. no play-play, no movies, and obviously, no sleeping. T_T

but I promised to myself, I'm gonna work hard for this semester final exam. I would never allow myself to fail. Insyaallah. 
Guys, please pray for me. ^_^v

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