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Sunday, November 25, 2012

I just need a place to talk.

welcome to my blog, the best place for me to express all my feelings.
don't blame me for writing what I felt, coz I need some space to myself.
as a teenager, surely, we got a lot of problems.
and how lucky if a girl has a sister, or brother that she could talk to.
but not me. I had no sister, and no brother.
I can't talk to my parents, coz I know I will sound stupid.
and i feel like nobody will ever understand and listen if I talk.
they will just consider all my problems were such a waste, a teenagers things that someday will disappear and look ridiculous. 
but not for me.
I had my own problems.
my own life stories.
i had a colourful teens time. 
sometimes white, and some other time, black.

I smile, I cry, and all of that, I wrote in this.
These, all these things in this blog, were my memories.
With the person, I loved the most.
My parents, my family, and him.

Falling in love, was not a crime.
Don't blame me for being in love.
And don't blame me for expressing my feeling.
This is my place, my space, and my memories.
Don't ask me, to put it away.
And never ask me to stop writing, coz this is all I ever had.
I had no brother, no sister to talk to.
So let me throw all of it here.

At least, it will lighten my burden.
At least, I smiled when I read all my sweet memories in here.
At least, I know.. somebody will read what I felt.


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