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Monday, January 21, 2013

all the little things.

I noticed something lately. Sometimes all the little things can make a difference. Like between me and him. We hardly noticed the little things between us. But all that things, tied us in a very unusual way. Sampai even when we separated, we could never forget all those things. It's amazing somehow.

Like this evening, before he went back to Kedah, I asked him to stop by at my house coz I wanna see him before he left. And he bought me my favourite roti for me to eat, yg only he is the only person who knew that is my favourite roti. And to be truth, after I broke up with him about 4 months ago, I never once eat that roti anymore. I don't know why, maybe coz it reminds me to him. Salu sangat dulu, each time g memane, pesan kat dia, nanti nak roti tu. Kekadang when ada kat kedai with him, mula la merengek, “abang..nak roti ni.” and he will smiled and said, “amik la.”

that was the 'roti' thing. Next my feveret drink. He always knew and remember, that I love Tropicana Twister the most. Last time when he visited me, he bought me that drink without I'm asking. And I still remember our 'precious date', masa putus hari tu, kat KLCC, when I asked him I wanna buy a drink, and ajak dia pergi Cold Storage, he answered, “mesti nak ambik Twister en.” tersentuh masa tu sbb, we were broke up already, and that was supposed to be our last 'date', but he remember every little and tiny things bout us before.. every single memories. Every little things.

And next, the 'KFC' thing. Each time we were on our date, x lain x bukan, kompem tempat makan kitorang is KFC. Sampai ari tu dia berlawak, “KFC ni musuh pertama time dating”. And it make me laugh. There, at KFC, while lepaking together, we will talk and talk and talk about everything bout us, segala cerita zaman dulu and now keluar, sembang sambil gelak2, the smile, something we could never avoid when we were together. Nampak mcm perkara biase, setiap kali date pegi makan kat KFC, tp that little things la yg mewarnai hubungan ni. Kat situ la dok sembang mcm2, dok bukak segala cerita, and he will wait till I finished the meal. The KFC thing, goes on years by years, till now.

He knew when I eat, I will drink simultaneosly with eating. He knew after taking a shower, I will not wipe my hair properly. He knew me, a lot.

So much of little things put us together. Kekadang bnd kecik2 mcm ni, can make a difference towards a relationship. Knowing that he still remember all the little things happened in our relationship, give me a reason to appreciate his present in my life. Although hati sakit, kecewa, marah, with only a little things like this, could save a relationship.

Appreciate who you have in your life, appreciate every little things bout that person. Coz you never know how much it means to you and him/her. 

# it is not a matter of i love you, it is a matter of the importance and how much that person means to you. kekadang mmg senang nak ckp i love you kat seseorang, tp nak maksudkannye tu bukan leh senang2 kat sebarangan orang.

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