Seorang Pelatih Dalam Kamar (PDK)

Friday, May 10, 2013

10 May 2013

for all the tears and joy, thank you. for all the pain and happiness, thank you. for all the love and hatred, thank you. most of all, for all the memories we had shared together, thank you. you have been such an amazing person and friend in my life, starting from 10 Mei 2010 till now, and InshaAllah for the rest of my life. may Allah bless you always Ahmad Taufiq bin Baharuddin.
10 Mei 2010 - 10 Mei 2013 

 i don't need any anniversary present for this year, cukup saat kita menjadi halal buat masing2 menjadi hadiah paling bermakna dalam hidupku. semoga kau akan bahagiakan setiap saat hidupku selepas ini.

semoga bersama selamanya. :)

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