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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

a perfect stranger

assalamualaikum guys..

you know what? one day, you gonna fall in love with someone who not related to you at all, someone you just know, or some friend or yours, or your own classmates, or your old bestfriend what so ever, but one thing to be sure, that person is a perfect stranger to you, a person you never know you could end up with, a person who is just nobody near your own family. and suddenly, with only one 'lafaz', that perfect stranger will be your family, will be your world, your roommate, your everything. 

that is exactly how I feel.
after my solemnization a month ago.

and now,
baru sehari dok kat umah sewa kt shah alam ni dah rasa rindu gila kat suami. huhu. mane tak nye, selalunya kat umah nenek kt Banting tu makan sama2, buat pape pun sama2, ajak dia keluar sana sini, g pasar malam sesame, nak mandi pun bertolak2 sape dulu, berebut nak guna laptop, berebut nak hack fb masing2 sampai berguling2 berebut laptop atas lantai, solat sama2, masak sama2.. huhu.. such a nice time together even baru sebulan dok sama. rasa mcm ada roommate baru.. roommate yg I can share everything with..

kitorg baru 21 tahun, org lain pandang pun mcm muda sgt, tak matang and what so ever. and yes we admit, kitorg mmg kdg2 tak matang, perangai still mcm budak2, buat lawak tak ingat dunia, gelak tak ingat dunia, gaduh pun tak ingat dunia, tido tak ingat dunia, kadang2 kena bebel dgn ayah and nenek, suruh belajar cara nak hidup, kadang2 lambat solat kena tegur dgn nenek, pagi2 ayah ketuk pintu kejutkan solat subuh, we still rely on our parents, on our family, masih diajar cara nak jadi berdikari, nak jadi matang, but despite all that, we learn. we are in the process of becoming a person, a family. 

kami belajar mcm mana nak hidup sama2, with a person yg pada mulanya a perfect stranger, with a family yg kita tak pernah kenal langsung. ukhwah tu mmg tak mengenal sesiapa. suddenly, that perfect stranger becomes a family. hanya dgn satu lafaz, aku terima nikahnya. tiba2, nenek dia jadi nenek aku. mak aku jadi mak dia. ayah aku jadi ayah dia. tiba2 lafaz pakcik bertukar jd ayah. tiba2 drpd seorang cikgu jadi seorang yg dipanggil ayah. tiba2 adik2 aku jd adik2 dia, rumah aku jd rumah dia, rumah dia jd rumah aku. suddenly, we are becoming one. one family. 

and I really miss him right now. :(

it's funny how we get to go through thousands of fights and yells and hatreds or whatever familiar together, just to finally realize, we can't live without each other.
yes it's true.
when you are tied together in a bond, you can't be mad at each other forever, as you know one thing for sure, you can't live without each other.
you will try to apologize, to smile even you are in pain, to hide your tears, to let go all the little things that you feel not necessary to be mad of..
you would be happy to see your partner smile.. and finally without you even realize it, he's all you will see.

love is a strange thing. 
it comes suddenly, it ties two hearts together, it makes you a family, and suddenly all you know, you wanna spend the rest of your life with that person.

that person, who used to be, a perfect stranger.

my perfect stranger
my roommate
my husband
my world.

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