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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I've got a dream

I've got a dream
and I need to protect it

even though there are too many obstacles
too many challenges
too many people hurts my heart

yet, I have a dream
and I need to protect it

yesterday was only my first step towards my dream
standing in front of the judge
deliver all my submission
with hope and determination.

before the appeal,
I was too nervous, very very nervous that I need my husband beside me all the time
the very moment I'm entering the moot court,
I remember both my parents, my husband
their hope, their expectation
to what I will become.

and here I am,
I've a dream,
I need to protect it,
no matter what people say.

my dream is to become a lawyer,
a very good lawyer,
to protect innocent people,
to help with justice,
to help people in need.

I have a dream.
I need to protect it.
and prove that I can achieve my dream.

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