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Friday, April 17, 2015

Harraz is 6 months old


my son is now in his 6 months of his life.
6 months already ! how fast time flies.
rasanya mcm baru je type entry bersalinkan Harraz hari tu. huhu.

skrg Harraz dah boleh makan, yeay!
he likes eating but sometimes when he's in a very bad mood, he doesn't want to eat at all !
we gave him baby cereal for the first day.
and yeah, he likes eat alhamdulillah.
lagipun kami adik beradik mmg semua start makan solid food dgn baby cereal tu. still remember those days when I take care of my younger brother and sister, I'm the one who feed them the food at that time. hehe. so I can say that I have experienced it so far. :)

so here's the latest picture of Harraz.
actually, he's 6 months and 17 days today, oh My! meaning that in another week he will turn to 7 months and I didn't even realise it !! 
being so busy with my class and test and yeahhh, assignments of course.
it's my final semester of my incoming degree (InshaAllah!) 

here's my little heaven. cute like his mum. haha. perasan tak habis.

tapi ramai sangattt yang cakap Harraz ni ikut muka mama dia, mean aku la. hehe. nak bukti? kejap.
I'll show you the comparison. side by side picture okeyh, nilai sendiri. haha.

sama tak? huhu.
terasa mcm best pulak ada orang seiras kita dalam dunia ni. and that person is my son! hehe.

I think that's all for now.
takde idea sebenarnya nak update panjang2.
just wanna update my life story here.

thanks for reading guys ! 

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